Franchisee Testimonials

Ken Lavender

Mister Transmission, Pickering

When I graduated from high school, I began my career working for my father at Mister Transmission in Scarborough. With a new wife and family on the way, it soon became clear that I should own my own shop. That was back in 1983, we haven’t looked back since!

Today, we are the proud owners of Mister Transmission in Pickering. The best part of owning a Mister Transmission shop is the ability to be in control of your own destiny. It allows us the freedom to make our own choices and determine our own success.

Being in business this many years, I can honestly say it’s inevitable you will hit a few bumps in the road. What we came to realize however, is that timing is everything. The longer you are working in this industry and the more familiar you become with our business model, the smaller and less frequent issues will arise.

Dreams do come true if you work hard and have the right people on your team

Tim Bellamy

Mister Transmission, Red Deer

I recently purchased an existing Mister Transmission franchise. After spending a number of years involved in car dealerships, I found the dealerships cost me valuable time with my young son. As a single father of a five year old, I insisted on a Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm business that would allow me the flexibility to enjoy my family, as well as be a good return on my investment. In February 2014, I officially took over operation from the previous franchisee, since then we have made a number of positive changes within our shop. Considering I am currently just past my 90-day period, my depth of knowledge is still minimal, but my business is flourishing. Prior to taking over the location I had no clue what to expect from the transmission business, but I knew a bit about people and a bit about how they do business regarding cars.

The team at Mister Transmission Head Office has been quick to offer advice, constructive information, and success/failure stories to ensure my business is prosperous. Although I was nervous venturing into a niche market that I knew little about, the experience has been extremely positive so far. Personally, the concept of buying into a franchise is like buying the recipe of success. The ingredients are all available if you choose to apply them according to the plan. Fortunately, Mister Transmission has years of experience to pull from. As a new owner, this is an exciting position to have invested, it was the right choice for me


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Franchisee Testimonials