Technical Support

Every new franchisee receives technical support from Mister Transmission. We provide ongoing training and support for you and your staff to ensure your success as a Mister Transmission franchisee.

We keep all of our technicians up to date with the latest transmission and technology information through our technical workshops – held at all our locations across Canada.

Technical support is always available for Mister Transmission franchisees as each location receives a membership to ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association). This subscription provides online technical support and information, as well as up to date bulletins. The ATRA support hotline is also available – so you can speak directly to technical advisor anytime during the day regarding your issue.

In addition to our hands on and online technical support, our AGM and ATRA Trans Expo allows Franchisees to be part of a meet and greet with our suppliers as well as key technical trainers.  This event includes speakers from ATRA, Seal Aftermarket Products and many more who attend and share their knowledge with our team.











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