How much does it cost to purchase a Mister Transmission franchise?

The full cost of a Mister Transmission franchise varies, as it is based on geographical location. Mister Transmission is dedicated to choosing locations with a high vehicle population in order to ensure success of the shop.
Typically, the cost is from $100,000-$150,000, this price includes the franchise fee, leaseholds and all other costs that pertain to opening your own business. Operating capital is also required, which varies.

What is included in the cost of a franchise?

Included in the cost of starting a Mister Transmission franchise can be the following:

  • All equipment, furniture, display equipment and signage
  • Complete onboarding training (5 weeks)
  • Store opening crew
  • The use of all Mister Transmission Manuals
  • Full rights to use all of our Trademarks and Trade names
  • Full support from our helpful and talented Head Office team

In addition to the initial investment of a Mister Transmission franchise, what ongoing payments am I required to make during the term of the license?

Payments include:

  • Monthly royalty fee on net sales
  • Monthly advertising fee
  • Quarterly claims fee

What type of qualifications does Mister Transmission seek in a franchise candidate? It is not at all necessary to have a formal education or industry-related experience to become a Mister Transmission franchisee. We do however look for committed, hard-working applicants who possess:

  • Self-directed
  • Business Acumen
  • Outcome and results focused
  • Entrepreneurial spirit/attitude
  • Financial knowledge
  • Automotive enthusiast
  • Networking & Customer service skills
  • Willingness to follow a system
  • Leadership & Management skills
  • Sales Acumen or willingness to learn it

How long does it take for a store to open for business?

The whole franchise process takes a minimum of two to three months, but can be longer if required.

How long is the franchisee term?

Mister Transmission’s franchisee term is ten years. At the end of this initial term, you can choose to renew your franchise agreement for another ten-year term.

What happens after the application process?

Once you complete our application, you will be contacted by our Head Office team to discuss your suitability and our available locations.

Please view our steps to ownership page for more information

I own a business. Can I still operate a Mister Transmission?

Perhaps upon review and approval of the franchisor.

What if I am living outside of Canada; can I still apply for a Mister Transmission franchise?

In order to apply for a franchise, applicants must be permanent residents of Canada. Unfortunately, we are unable to pre-approve applicants to assist them in the immigration process.

How secure is my personal information?

All your information is kept confidential, we do not sell or share your personal information to third parties.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at franchiseinfo@mistertransmission.com and we will be happy to answer them.


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