Selling Transmission Repairs and Service

  • Aug 09, 2018

At Mister Transmission we are proud of how we treat our customers throughout the entire repair process.
When it comes to actually selling the transmission repair or service required we utilize a planned presentation that results in a successful sale for all parties involved.

A successful sale is one in which the consumer is able to make an informed decision based on the information presented to him, and the Mister Transmission franchisee receives the compensation deserved for years of professional expertise.
We refer to the Mister Transmission selling process as consultative selling.
We have designed a detailed list of questions and explanations that are intended to remove all customer concerns and present solutions for complete satisfaction.

The total focus in the final selling process is to provide the best solution for the customer.
It’s always important to remember that selling is a process and it all begins with initial contact where we can build trust and confidence with the customer. The final sale then is just closing the loop on all the decisions that have been previously made, which results in the process of providing a solution and asking for the business being the logical conclusion.
At Mister Transmission, we train to sell right!