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Sales Support- Retail/Wholesale/Fleet

Sales and customer service at Mister Transmission is extremely important and a large determining factor in the success of the centre. About 45% of our business is retail and 80% of Mister Transmissions retail customers will initially contact us through a phone call. Therefore telephone training is one of our biggest focuses in our training modules to ensure we capture one of our largest market segments.

Approximately 40% of business that comes to Mister Transmission comes through automotive shop referrals. We are specialists in a niche market and therefore do not compete with our other automotive friends; they will send their transmission related work to you. This area is a consistent growth area for Mister Transmission franchisees. Our experience tells us that a store with a healthy referral program also enjoys a higher retail volume. We will provide you with our Wholesale Promotion Program and provide initial and ongoing training to assist you with building strong lasting positive relationships with the automotive community in your area of business.

The remaining balance of our business is fleet work (local and national). There are fleets local and specific to your location, including local contractors such as plumbing, plow, maintenance vehicles etc. National fleets are companies that have vehicles operating across the country. Similar to the Wholesale Promotion Program for our Wholesale business, we also have a program for local and national fleet accounts. We have established fleet agreements with some of Canada’s most recognized companies and we work with you to ensure you’re their first choice for their transmission service needs.

Continuous growth of these three market segments is very important, and ongoing training and support is available to ensure your success as a Mister Transmission franchisee.


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