The Mister Transmission Market Opportunities

  • Aug 09, 2018

The mixed balance of customers is the key to Mister Transmission’s business growth opportunities. The traditional aftermarket consists of three distinct categories of its own, based on vehicle age and mileage.
The first category includes vehicles that range from 1-5 years old. These vehicles are usually new car dealership customers, as most are still covered under some type of manufacturer warranty. However, Mister Transmission’s national fleet program attracts these vehicles because of their high mileage use. As a Mister Franchisee, you can expect that about 5% of your business volume will be in this age bracket.

The next category includes vehicles that range from 5 to 14 years old. This category is considered the traditional aftermarket – referring to all companies that do vehicle repairs outside the manufacturer’s warranty period. The traditional aftermarket customer is expecting the same level of quality and service as the manufacturer, however at a better price. All major national brands are considered to be in this category.
The last category includes vehicles that are 14 years or older. This consumer has one mind set: fix it cheap – or I am selling the car. This consumer generally seeks out repair facilities off the main street perhaps in industrial areas that focus on cheap repairs.

Our business is then divided into 3 columns: Retail, Wholesale Referral and Fleet Accounts

45% of Mister Transmissions customer base is in retail sales to Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
Mister Transmission enjoys the strongest brand recognition in its category because of our consistent strategy of branding the name and our famous “jingle” you hear through our advertising campaigns.
Most consumers who feel they have a transmission related problem will seek out the advice of fellow family members, friends and coworkers, as well as online research, where Mister Transmission has digital marketing programs in place to ensure we show up first for these searches.
Almost 80% of our consumers will call first before visiting our stores, and we provide extensive training to help you turn these phone calls into sales.
Wholesale Referral:
You can expect that 40% of the business that comes to Mister Transmission will come through automotive shop referrals. As described earlier, because we specialize in transmissions we do not compete with our other automotive friends, and they will send their transmission related work to you. This area is a consistent growth opportunity for Mister Transmission franchisees.
Our experience tells us that a store with a healthy referral program also enjoys a higher retail volume.
The remaining balance of our business, about 15% is the fleet industry.
This includes delivery vehicles and almost any kind of vehicle that you can think of who have advertised their name on the side of the vehicle.
In summary these three distinct types of customer opportunities provide franchisees with a constant flow of new business.