Why Choose Mister Transmission

Iconic Specialty Automotive Brand – 55+ Years

Are you looking to be a business owner, but are intimated by the risks of opening your own business?

A great benefit of joining Mister Transmission as a franchise owner is the strong brand awareness and reputation we have built over the last 55 years as being the leader in transmission technology across Canada. Our brand is well established and instantly recognizable by our jingle and tagline “Hey Mister, You’re a Friend of Mine!”. Because of this, we are well-known to the public as a professional and trustworthy choice for transmission services and repair. Consumer trends today indicate that Canadians are more willing to trust a chain of stores rather than an independent “one-off” shop – especially in the automotive industry.

Mister Transmission is famous for their quality repairs, expert service ad outstanding warranty protections. This is proven to be true as we have a 96.5% customer satisfaction rate with over 6,000 positive reviews on our website – No other competitor has this! This benefit is one of the largest factors in determining whether your business will succeed, especially in today’s digital world where people tend to do more online research when purchasing a high priced service, such as transmission repair. Head office provides marketing and advertising programs to our franchisees to ensure we maintain this strong brand reputation and awareness, through both traditional and digital marketing efforts. With over 55 years of experience, head office will also provide resources and tools in the following areas to ensure your success:

You will also receive the advantage of having a proven business model, and Mister Transmission prides itself on being the transmission and technology experts – we focus on one thing, and we do it extremely well. This is why we have established trust with our customers, since starting in 1963 we have continued to maintain this expertise as the specialists for transmission service and repairs.

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