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Joint-Venture Program option available

For candidates interested in learning more about the Mister Transmission business model without becoming a full business owner franchisee, you may qualify for our Mister Transmission Joint Venture program that allows for part ownership of the store with a manageable initial investment towards your shares in the business.

Once the Joint Venture partner has paid down the outstanding balance for their shares (which can be paid out of their share of the store’s profits), they can begin taking their share of the profits out of the business as income on an ongoing basis.

Candidates have to be qualified for this program which usually includes a probationary period as an employee in the store. Once the successful probationary period is complete, both the candidate and Mister Transmission have a very good idea about the suitability and “fit” of the candidate.

Successful members of the Joint Venture program can also be considered for full franchise opportunities down the road.

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