Why Choose Mister Transmission

Strong Unit Economics

At Mister Transmission, not only will you be part of Canada’s most recognized automotive franchise, you’ll also be considered a specialist. As a specialist, our franchisees have a greater advantage over the rest of the automotive repair community. Not only are we specialists in the automotive aftermarket repair industry, so are all of our transmission parts suppliers allowing Mister Transmission to have the healthiest parts margins in the industry. With over 60 stores nationwide, we have strategically partnered with our suppliers providing our network with an even greater advantage over our competition.

The transmission repair market represents a profitable niche within the automotive aftermarket. General automotive repair shops are our partners, not competitors, allowing us to dominate the market place.

What does strong unit economics mean to you? Simple, you can be part of an automotive repair industry with great earning potential!

  • Manageable initial investment
  • High sales value per transaction
  • Strong repair order profit margins
  • Lower cost facilities (e.g. 4 Bay, 3,000 square ft.)
  • Easily measure Key Performance Indicators

At Mister Transmission, we provide initial and ongoing training on all our key metrics to help ensure you succeed as a Mister Transmission franchisee!


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